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Alptuğ Dingil

Software Developer, AI Consultant, Professional Cloud Architect

Since 2022, Alptuğ has been a valuable addition to our team, bringing his extensive software development expertise and passion for innovative technologies. He’s always seeking new challenges, actively contributing to customer projects, and has gained deep knowledge of Kubernetes and setting up his own DIY cluster. His skills in cloud technology are further validated by his Google certification as a Professional Cloud Architect.

Alptuğ’s insatiable curiosity and hands-on experience make him an indispensable expert in AI and cloud technologies in our team.


With practical examples and concrete application scenarios, the team of authors, consisting of technicians and lawyers, illustrates the complex legal challenges and at the same time offers solutions and recommendations for action.

Rheinwerk Computing, ISBN 978-3-367-10098-9

Alptuğ's path in the world of AI

  • Organization of the ML-Meetup in Hanover to promote the exchange and networking of AI enthusiasts.
  • Co-author: Legal guide AI in the company
  • Series of articles around and about LLMs
  • Development of an AI-based solution for customer retention campaigns for an international e-commerce provider. The project included:

    • Design and implementation of an LLM app (Large Language Model App) based on the Langchain framework and the OpenAI API.

    • Prompt engineering and fine-tuning of the model for optimal results.

  • Development of a secure LLM chat assistant with tools and Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) to improve information retrieval and processing for companies.

  • Preparing for Google’s Professional Machine Learning Engineer certification to further expand his expertise in machine learning.

  • Creation of an extensive optimized data set with several million entries in PostgreSQL.
  • Performing sentiment analysis using RoBERTa models.
    RoBERTa is a language model from Meta that is based on the Transformer model and is used for natural language processing (NLP) tasks such as sentiment analysis and text classification.
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