The LangChain Effect

Simplifying AI with Modular Tools and Intelligent Agents LangChain stands out as a revolutionary open-source framework that enables the creation of AI-powered applications by harnessing the power of large language models (LLMs), such as GPT-4. These models, which are able to answer complex questions or generate images based on textual prompts thanks to their extensive […]

Evolving Cybersecurity

Outdoor ad of the threat management tool ThreatShield

The Shift to Continuous Threat Monitoring In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, diverse cybersecurity threats are increasing. Organizations face a spectrum of attackers, ranging from opportunistic criminals who exploit vulnerabilities, to targeted attacks by competitors or state actors with specific agendas. Each organization has a unique threat landscape that includes random and carefully targeted attacks. […]

Pro(mpt) engineering: Suprisingly complicated

illustration eines mannes der mit einem chatbot kommuniziert

Prompt engineering expands interaction with AI tools beyond simple commands. It utilizes natural language to fully leverage the capabilities of AI. This type of communication is intuitive and democratizes access to AI, as it does not require specialized programming knowledge. Fundamental Understanding Efficient prompt engineering starts with clear and informative instructions that enable targeted use […]

Advanced Use of ChatGPT

illustration von chatbots

Using the tool for advanced users The OpenAI Playground is a powerful tool that enables users and product teams to precisely control and optimize the behavior and capabilities of the OpenAI models. In this article, we shed light on advanced features that go beyond the standard ChatGPT experience and how these can be used for […]

Styleriser – AI powered Shopping

Styleriser is a team of experienced fashion and colour experts. They see their mission in combining eCommerce with real colour and style advice, and by developing their service, Inspired Consulting was able to support them. With the product StyleIQ, Styleriser now offers a platform for fashion eCommerce that suggests to customers exactly the products that […]

Data Science for Mathematicians

The Transition of Mathematics into Code Mathematics is a science that deals with the logic of different things like quantity, shape and arrangement. Mathematics is everywhere— and as it is all around us , it has become an important part of our daily lives. As society has evolved, so has its usage and application.   […]