Sigil Sorcery: Custom Sigils in Elixir

Illustration eines Zauberrituals

Elixir sigils are general-purpose tools for handling common data types. Examples of built-in sigils include strings (~s), regular expressions (~r), dates (~D), and lists of words (~w). But, as you might have guessed, Elixir’s flexibility doesn’t stop here; Elixir allows us to create custom sigils for specific needs, and that is what we’re doing now. […]

Case Study: WSAM ProDu

Wärtsilä SAM Electronics GmbH (WSAM) from Hamburg specializes in designing, assembling, cabling and commissioning complex electrical systems on ships. These include, for example, mega yachts, research and special ships or ships for national and international navy projects. Many electrical systems, devices, and components are used on modern ships. These have to be supplied with power […]

WeAreDevelopers: The World Congress through the eyes of a volunteer

illustration mehrerer Mitarbeiter eines Kongresses im Betrieb

In the heart of Berlin, the pulse of tech reverberated as this year’s WeAreDevelopers World Congress took centre stage at the CityCube Berlin once again. With over 400 speakers, 15000 attendees, and 350 volunteers, the world’s flagship event for developers took place on 12 stages on July 27 and 28, 2023. © 2023 WeAreDevelopers | […]

Case Study: memo-media Pt. 2

Illustration von Softwarenentwicklern bei der arbeit

Teil 2/2: UI-Design, Betrieb & SEO In the second part of our case study, we take a closer look at the practical implementation in the areas of usability and operation of the software. Redesigning the GUI The user interface of the home page, search results page and details page was redesigned. New navigation concept for […]

Case Study: memo-media

Illustration einer Bewertungsseite

Part 1/2: Analysis, user test & solutions The company memo-media can be viewed as the interface between event service providers, event locations and artists on the one hand and event planners on the other. The website (EVB) is a practical search engine that can be used to find and request suitable service providers for […]

Case Study: GeoLegalTech

Illustration einer navigationsanwendung

GeoLegalTech GmbH from Aachen researches relevant incidents in building law and in the development concepts of cities and municipalities for its customers. Using this information, companies with different locations throughout Germany can monitor whether and which of their stores are affected by changes in development plans or development concepts. A retailer is thus informed, for […]

Case Study: GreenMeUp

Illustration eines Büros mit vielen Pflanzen

Sonja Dümmen and her team have set themselves the task of greening apartments. Apartments whose residents would like to have plants around them but are still undecided about the best way to go about it. This is how GreenMeUp, a very special online shop for plant lovers and those who want to become one, was […]

Case Study: Viserto

Illustration eines Autos das mit einer App verbunden ist

Kennen Sie das? Sie haben Ihr Auto in die Werkstatt gebracht, die übliche Inspektion steht an. Um die Mittagszeit klingelt Ihr Telefon und…