Case Study: GeoLegalTech

Illustration einer navigationsanwendung

GeoLegalTech GmbH from Aachen researches relevant incidents in building law and in the development concepts of cities and municipalities for its customers.

Using this information, companies with different locations throughout Germany can monitor whether and which of their stores are affected by changes in development plans or development concepts. A retailer is thus informed, for example, about changes in traffic planning that affect the accessibility of their stores or about changes in the development plan that may be associated with new development opportunities.

GLT previously provided its customers with a monthly report containing all relevant building law events at their locations. Together with Inspired Consulting, GLT has now developed a customer portal that allows companies to view and search information about their sites online. Using simple workflows, employees can classify the incidents, discuss them in their teams and process them effectively.

Tabellenansicht der Funktion Baurecht-Monitoring von GLT
The table view supports the identification, analysis and processing of relevant incidents.

By using the modular system of our concept digital manufactory, Inspired Consulting was able to implement the customer portal quickly & effectively and still customize it to a high degree, meeting the requirements of GeoLegalTech and its customers.

Detailansicht der Funktion Baurecht-Monitoring von GLT
In der interaktiven Karte werden Baurecht-Events in der Nähe von Standorten angezeigt.

Particular technical challenges during development were

  • High-performance and flexible search

  • Interactive map display

  • Fine-grained control of access authorizations to branches and

  • Fully automated operation in the Google Cloud


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Oliver Tigges

Oliver is one of the founders and CEOs of Inspired. In client projects, he is always particularly interested in mediating between the engine room and the boardroom. He also supports management in assessing the opportunities, risks and effects of pioneering and sustainable technology decisions.

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