Case Study: GreenMeUp

Illustration eines Büros mit vielen Pflanzen

Sonja Dümmen and her team have set themselves the task of greening apartments. Apartments whose residents would like to have plants around them but are still undecided about the best way to go about it.

This is how GreenMeUp, a very special online shop for plant lovers and those who want to become one, was born. GreenMeUp’s range of functions goes far beyond a simple online store: customers and suppliers are impressed by the special range of products and innovative services. The enthusiasm went so far that the start-up company was awarded the Sagaflor Award in the category ‚Best Offer for the Next Generation‘ category in November 2021.

Type test - an accurate sales assistant

The platform offers a type test for visitors who are still undecided and do not have a complete overview. They can use this to find the plants that best suit them. Configurable questions guide users to a suitable plant recommendation in the store.

Frau die eine Pflanze in einem Zimmer voller anderer Pflanzen hält


The platform’s development took place in constant communication between GreenMeUp and Inspired Consulting. This ensured — in line with the agile process model — that the technology could be adapted to requirements during its operation. The result is an overall system consisting of several individual components based on the Shopify store system.

Retailer connection - dropshipping special

GreenMeUp’s product range comprises products from several selected nurseries and various accessory suppliers. Orders are split up from Shopify in a separate after-sales process and forwarded to the connected retailers on a time-controlled basis. Feedback on the shipping status flows back into the store system automatically. This means that the customer is always precisely informed about the status of their order.


Thanks to an agile approach and the use of modern cloud and web technologies, we were able to implement the idea quickly. In addition, short development cycles enabled us to ensure that the platform was built as required by customers and suppliers. Inspired Consulting was responsible for the software’s architecture, implementation and operation.

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