Styleriser – AI powered Shopping

Styleriser is a team of experienced fashion and colour experts. They see their mission in combining eCommerce with real colour and style advice, and by developing their service, Inspired Consulting was able to support them.

With the product StyleIQ, Styleriser now offers a platform for fashion eCommerce that suggests to customers exactly the products that suit them.

Which colour suits me? The startup Styleriser wanted to quickly develop a prototype for its new product idea, StyleIQ, to show that colour advice also works in eCommerce. Using facial analysis and the automated application of years of experience in colour consulting, the customer should be suggested the colours and thus the products that match their face and the current season.

A core area of Inspired Consulting is the realization of digital product ideas in small steps in order to quickly arrive at testable and presentable product prototypes that can be further developed based on user feedback. With this approach, Styleriser has seen its product grow through short development cycles. Changes to the colour model, facial recognition or findings from user tests were quickly incorporated into the development.

StyleIQ is a web application and platform that can either be used directly by the customer or integrated into apps or existing stores via API. Technically speaking, the application is a Phoenix web app. At its heart are the algorithms for facial recognition and analysis. Inspired consistently relies on the Google Cloud Platform for development, which offers Styleriser a scalable, cost-transparent and reliable operating platform.

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