Cluster Creation – The Kubernetes Cluster DIY Pt. 4

illustration zweier Bildschirme bei der Kubernetes Cluster Creation

After the preparation in the last few chapters we now start with the actual cluster creation. I think it’s best to just follow the instructions of this kube-hetzner-project on GitHub. Here are a couple of changes that I made, which I should create a pull request for: dotenv support terraform state tracking via Google Cloud […]

Disasters – The Kubernetes Cluster DIY Pt. 3

A Kubernetes cluster, despite its robustness, is not immune to certain disasters that can have severe consequences. In this article, we will explore three potential disasters and discuss ways to mitigate their impact. However, mere implementation is not enough: With fire drills every aspect needs to be tested regularly. Data Loss ©KS KYUNG | […]

Tooling – The Kubernetes Cluster DIY Pt. 2

illustration eines Bildschimrs und mehrerer Werkzeuge

When it comes to managing a Kubernetes cluster, having the right tools in your arsenal can make a world of difference. It’s has a big impact regarding the general complexity of the management, the scalability, the monitoring and the security. In this article, we’ll explore some essential tools that can elevate your Kubernetes experience. Lens […]

Intro – The Kubernetes Cluster DIY Pt. 1

Illustration eines Bildschirms mit einem Kubernetes Container

In early 2023 I decided to learn Kubernetes. The driving force behind my decision to do so was my strong desire to gain mastery over the entire deployment process. Additionally, I was intrigued by the opportunity to delve deeper and form my own informed opinion to gain a better understanding of the buzz surrounding Kubernetes. […]