IEx is awesome!

Elixir’s interactive shell, known as IEx, is a powerful tool that allows Elixir developers to quickly test and evaluate code snippets, define and test functions, and interact with their Elixir applications in real time.

Here are a few reasons why Elixir’s interactive shell is awesome:

  • IEx provides a convenient way to test code snippets and functions without having to create a separate file and run it with the Elixir interpreter. This saves time and allows developers to easily experiment with different code constructs and see the results in real time.

					iex(1)> "Hello" <> " world!"
"Hello world!"
  • IEx also allows developers to easily inspect and manipulate the state of their Elixir applications. For example, developers can use IEx to inspect the current process dictionary, view the content of registered GenServers, and even call functions on them to see how they behave.
					iex(1)> Companies.get_company_by_email("")
  email: "",
  website: ""
  address: "Konrad-Adenauer-Ufer 7, 50668 Köln, Germany"
  • Hot-swapping is a game-changing advantage of Elixir, and IEx is the perfect tool to harness this power. With hot-swapping, you can modify your code on-the-fly, even in a live production environment, without the need to shut down the entire system. IEx allows you to redefine modules, and deploy bug fixes without causing downtime. This feature is a tremendous asset for maintaining a responsive and reliable system, especially in scenarios where continuous uptime is crucial.

Elixir’s interactive shell, IEx, is an indispensable asset for any Elixir developer. With its seamless code testing, real-time state inspection, and hot-swapping feature, IEx elevates the development experience.


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Mehdi Necibi

After freelancing for Inspired for about a year, Mehdi joined our team for good in late 2022. He loves using the Elixir programming language to design, build, and maintain robust and highly scalable applications.

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