Case Study: Viserto

Illustration eines Autos das mit einer App verbunden ist

Have you experienced the following? You have taken your car to the garage cause of the usual inspection. At lunchtime, your phone rings, and a service employee tells you that other parts need to be replaced in addition to the inspection. Well, the things you do for mobility. But you don’t really understand why and how much it will cost. The surprise comes later – when you pick up your car.

Everyone who has ever taken their car to a garage probably has stories like that or similar. The startup VISERTO started with the idea of restoring trust in the processes and work of car repair shops. The Video Service Tool is an expandable platform that allows car dealerships to communicate efficiently and transparently with their customers via video message and allows them to digitize other processes, such as service acceptance or sales.

Before Inspired took over the development and operation of the platform, stable further development was no longer possible. The system had grown too much due to the constant development of new features. The operation with the current cloud provider was also a cause for concern.

Project environment

Inspired was able to contribute several strengths to this project:

  • Agile software development & fast deliveries

  • Software modernization during ongoing operation

  • Cloud computing – utilizing dynamics and speed

The introduction and continuation of an agile project approach paid off immediately, making open and planned tasks visible in a structured way.

When modernizing the video service portal, it quickly became clear that this could only be done in small steps, as many car repair shops were already productively using the system and the app. Inspired consistently relies on proven procedures to extract and redevelop the existing logic. New features are not neglected and can be flexibly incorporated.

Under the hood

From a technical perspective, the application consists of several parts. The legacy application is a React app, which is gradually being replaced by several Phoenix web apps. Video messages are created via the iOS app and edited, saved and published for other users in a media library.

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