Engagement: Hiring process at Inspired

Personalmitarbeiter bei der Arbeit

For every completed project, we usually receive two new inquiries. And most projects are simply too exciting to turn down. That’s why we always seek motivated employees who want to help us to create innovative products that matter. At Inspired, it is particularly important to us that interested parties share our values and philosophy. In the modern working world, the focus is often only on specialist knowledge and skills — but for us, it’s about people.

Here are a few points of reference to give you a rough idea of our recruiting process. We don’t employ any recruitment agencies or recruiters, so there are basically two scenarios for how we get in touch:

  • You contact us (either in response to a job advertisement or on your own initiative).
  • We reach out to you (e.g. via social media).


No matter how the contact is made, we try to keep the process as transparent as possible and will never keep you waiting longer than absolutely necessary.

Illustration von zwei Smartphones zwischen denen Nachrichten hin und herfliegen

Contact & initial meeting

After our first contact, we would like to talk to you in peace and quiet. Our initial meeting usually takes place via video chat. This is easiest for everyone involved and is often possible at short notice. One or both of our two CEOs will be happy to take time for you.

In such a conversation, we are mainly interested in getting to know you as a person; the interpersonal relationship simply has to fit. Of course, we are also interested in previous projects that you have worked on. Not only are technical details important here, but so are what role you have played and what aspects you are particularly proud of.

During the initial interview, we also try to find out what role you could play at Inspired. Do you have special skills just waiting to be used in the right concept? Or do you want to explore particular areas of interest in the right setting?

Second interview

Following our interview, we will give you and ourselves one to two days to reflect on the interview. If both sides conclude that it could be a good fit, we will invite you to a second interview.

We usually get our team on board here, and you get to know your potential colleagues. Here, you can discuss our working methods, typical project situations or the company culture in general.

Illustration von jungen Interessenten die Verträge unterzeichnen


If it becomes apparent during the discussions that both parties would like to work together, some formalities must be taken care of. To do this, we consider all your wishes and the results of our discussions and make you an offer. We also endeavour to keep this process as transparent as possible. If you are satisfied and decide to join us, there is only one thing left to say — #getinspired!

Your start at Inspired

Great, you’re now part of our team. Here’s an overview of what you can expect:

  • 22¹ curious, helpful, creative, flexible, responsible, but above all, lovely people are just waiting to get to know you.

  • You will, of course, work with your preferred hardware – we know how important that is.

  • Variety in everyday life is a given: Our customers come from diverse industries and branches. Even if there are overlaps, no two projects are the same. And there is always a lot to learn.

  • You are entirely flexible when it comes to organizing your workplace. If you live in Cologne and would like to work from a desk in our office, that is, of course, possible. Otherwise, you can work from home or — if that’s not possible for you — in a local coworking space.

  • Your personal development is very important to us. We are happy to support you if you want to further your education, write articles or organize conferences.

  • Fair, appropriate payment goes without saying. We also support you with a monthly mobility budget to keep you mobile². You can dispose of it freely and use it for long-distance travel, public transport or car sharing, for example.


¹ Current status: January 2024

² Counts only for employees in Germany

Sounds good?

You like what you’ve read and working at Inspired sounds exciting?
Then don’t hesitate!

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