Case Study: Tafel e.V. – eco-Plattform

Bild von Lebensmitteln, die aus einem Smartphone herauskommen

Together towards digitization With its twelve regional associations and over 960 food banks, Tafel Deutschland e.V. is one of Germany’s most important charitable aid organizations. Since the first food bank was founded in Berlin in 1993, more than 60,000 people, mostly volunteers, have been working to help people affected by poverty. Inspired Consulting has been […]

Case Study: GreenMeUp

Illustration eines Büros mit vielen Pflanzen

Sonja Dümmen and her team have set themselves the task of greening apartments. Apartments whose residents would like to have plants around them but are still undecided about the best way to go about it. This is how GreenMeUp, a very special online shop for plant lovers and those who want to become one, was […]

Case Study:

illustration einer personalabteilung

Developing the right product is an industry-specific real estate lead management solution for estate agents and financiers. Delivered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), this product allows agencies to distribute leads to employees, track progress and evaluate it. The platform enables agents to automatically import incoming leads from various sources and bundle them in a management software. […]

Case Study: Viserto

Illustration eines Autos das mit einer App verbunden ist

Kennen Sie das? Sie haben Ihr Auto in die Werkstatt gebracht, die übliche Inspektion steht an. Um die Mittagszeit klingelt Ihr Telefon und…

Basics and background on the Elixir programming language – An interview

Logo Elixir

Dynamic, Scalable, Maintainable. These are the keywords that many programming languages in the market use for advertising. Elixir, too, promotes itself with these attributes and yet it stands out as exceptional. The programming language has been around since 2011 and has a steadily growing fanbase. This community actively contributes to the development of the language […]

Styleriser – AI powered Shopping

Styleriser is a team of experienced fashion and colour experts. They see their mission in combining eCommerce with real colour and style advice, and by developing their service, Inspired Consulting was able to support them. With the product StyleIQ, Styleriser now offers a platform for fashion eCommerce that suggests to customers exactly the products that […]